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Northwest District eHangfiles

Northern Star Council and Northwest District are moving to a "paperless" mode for distributing fliers that have been in unit hang files and available for general pickup. These files are now also available online and can be downloaded at any time. Please submit files for upload in PDF format only, as that format is the easiest for everybody else to download. The District Website Committee makes every effort to also share these PDF files on the Northwest District Facebook Group-join today!

Roundtable eHangfiles

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize Created By
2020 Wali-Ga-Zu Leader Guide Wali-Ga-Zu06/10/2019239,59 KBDownload
2019 Webelos Woods Staff Book Webelos Woods06/05/2019973,12 KBDownload
Boy Scout Spring Recruitment Incentive FlierBen CodereHangfiles14/02/2017383,15 KBDownloadBen Coder
2020 Wali-Ga-Zu Nature Cards Insects Wali-Ga-Zu06/10/20191,34 MBDownload
2019 Fall Camporee Leader's Guide Fall Camporee20/09/2019399,04 KBDownload
2019 Webelos Woods Participant Guide Webelos Woods06/05/2019425,92 KBDownload
2019 WALI-GA-ZU PLANNING GUIDE Wali-Ga-Zu10/01/2019317,07 KBDownload
Updated Boy Scout Requirements Book Insert PrintableEmily Hagerman 28/01/2016376,64 KBDownloadEmily Hagerman
SCOUT SURVEY SAYS.... Public Relations and Publicity01/01/2018294,33 KBDownload
Wali-Ga-Zu Map Cards Wali-Ga-Zu20/01/201976,75 KBDownload
Wali-Ga-Zu Compass Cards Wali-Ga-Zu20/01/201920,07 KBDownload
Introduction to Leadership Skills Training Training19/09/2017517,60 KBDownload
Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award Awards11/08/20172,83 MBDownload
Recruiting and Retaining Adult Volunteer LeadersEmily Hagerman 28/01/201664,38 KBDownloadEmily Hagerman
PRE-REQUISITES FOR FALL 2019 NOVEMBER 16 MERIT BADGE DAY AND WEBELOS PIN DAY Merit Badge Day and Webelos Pin Day15/11/201946,22 KBDownload
2018 Tips and Ideas for Silver Beaver Nominations Awards01/03/2018218,06 KBDownload
2018 January Roundtable Announcements Roundtable01/02/2018137,16 KBDownload
2018 February Roundtable Announcements Roundtable08/02/2018182,28 KBDownload
2018 March Roundtable Agenda Roundtable08/03/201886,07 KBDownload
2018 Klondike Derby Official Leader and Parent Guide Activity05/01/2018525,93 KBDownload
2017 January Roundtable Announcements Ben CoderRoundtable 01/02/2018430,65 KBDownloadBen Coder
2017 February Roundtable AnnouncementsBen CodereHangfiles01/02/2018166,21 KBDownloadBen Coder
2018 April Roundtable Announcements Roundtable12/04/2018126,05 KBDownload
2018 April Roundtable Agenda Roundtable12/04/201887,89 KBDownload
2018 Spring University of Scouting Class Catalog University of Scouting01/03/2018163,11 KBDownload
2018 Silver Beaver Nomination Form Awards01/03/2018859,26 KBDownload
2018 Spring University of Scouting Flyer University of Scouting01/03/201875,26 KBDownload
2018 Spring University of Scouting Class Schedule University of Scouting01/03/201851,70 KBDownload
2018 March Roundtable Boy Scout Advancement Presentation Advancement20/03/2018130,03 KBDownload
2018 March Roundtable Announcements Roundtable08/03/2018125,56 KBDownload
2018 May Roundtable Announcements Roundtable11/05/2018134,08 KBDownload
2018 May Roundtable Agenda Roundtable11/05/201885,88 KBDownload

Archived eHangfiles

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