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2018 Merit Badge Saturday April 7th, 2018

Northwest Merit Badge Saturday Saturday, April 7th, 2018 Registration: Christ the King Lutheran Church 1900 7th Street NW, New Brighton, MN 55112 8:00 am -3:30 pm Check In starts at 7:30 am Description:Webelos Activity Day & Merit Badge Saturday April 7, 2018 at Christ the King Lutheran Church 1900 7th St. NW New Brighton, MN 55112 Event registration begins at 7:30AM, with classes to begin at 8AM (all classes will end by 3:30PM). The following Merit Badges will be offered: Citizenship in the Community/ Nation/ World, Communications, Fingerprinting, Public Speaking, and Medicine. The following Webelos Adventure Pins will be offered: Into the Wood/ Into the Wild, Builder, and First Responder. For more information contact Dina Boie (Merit Badge Saturday) and Sandy Breen (Webelos Activity Day) for what to bring that day. We hope to see you on the 7th!

Pre-Requirements and Workbooks

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Chemistry  09/09/2017203,02 KBDownload
Chemistry WorkbookEmily Hagerman 09/02/2016203,02 KBDownload
Citizenship in the Nation Pre-RequirementsMark Beeksma 04/02/201610,50 KBDownload
Citizenship in the Nation WorkbookEmily Hagerman 09/02/2016216,38 KBDownload
Citizenship in the World Pre-RequirementsMark Beeksma 04/02/201611,00 KBDownload
Citizenship in the World WorkbookEmily Hagerman 04/02/2016321,73 KBDownload
Citizinship in the Community  09/09/2017310,81 KBDownload
Citizinship in the Community Requirements  09/09/201774,10 KBDownload
Citizinship in the World  09/09/2017438,39 KBDownload
Citizinship in the World Requirements  09/09/201762,63 KBDownload
Communication  09/09/2017398,10 KBDownload
Digital Technology Pre-RequirementsEmily Hagerman 04/02/201617,70 KBDownload
Digital Technology WorkbookMark Beeksma 04/02/2016415,80 KBDownload
Fingerprinting Merit Badge Prerequisites Merit Badge03/04/201878,35 KBDownload
Fingerprinting Merit Badge Workbook Merit Badge22/03/2018359,90 KBDownload
Fire Safety Pre-RequirementsEmily Hagerman 04/02/201612,94 KBDownload
Fire Safety WorkbookEmily Hagerman 04/02/2016343,41 KBDownload
First Aid Pre-RequirementsEmily Hagerman 04/02/201610,42 KBDownload
First Aid WorkbookMark Beeksma 09/02/2016221,24 KBDownload
Game Design Pre-RequirementsEmily Hagerman 04/02/201610,64 KBDownload
Game Design WorkbookEmily Hagerman 04/02/2016266,17 KBDownload
Genealogy WorkbookEmily Hagerman 04/02/2016287,39 KBDownload
Geneology Pre-RequirementsEmily Hagerman 04/02/201614,34 KBDownload
Medicine Merit Badge Workbook Merit Badge22/03/2018314,11 KBDownload
Photography  09/09/201723,19 KBDownload
Public Speaking Merit Badge Workbook Merit Badge22/03/2018105,75 KBDownload
Scouting Heritage  09/09/2017309,15 KBDownload
Signs, Signals, and Codes WorkbookEmily Hagerman 04/02/2016322,90 KBDownload
Truck Transportation Pre-RequirementsEmily Hagerman 04/02/201610,00 KBDownload
Truck Transportation WorkbookMark Beeksma 04/02/2016186,09 KBDownload
Webelos Build It Pin Workbook Webelos Pins22/03/2018206,55 KBDownload
Webelos First Responder Pin Workbook Webelos Pins22/03/2018224,64 KBDownload
Webelos Into the Wild Pin Workbook Webelos Pins22/03/2018191,38 KBDownload
Webelos Into the Woods Pin Workbook Webelos Pins22/03/2018217,96 KBDownload
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