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Please Note:

All Eagle Scout Candidates: Concept approval paragraphs are a separate submission that must be approved by Mrs. Smith prior to submitting your Proposal packet.  

Please email your paragraph including your Scoutmaster and Eagle Coach to Mrs. Smith at  Your concept paragraph must include the who, what, when, and how you will demonstrate leadership to be considered. You must receive concept approval prior to submitting your Eagle Proposal Packet paperwork.  The Proposal packet will not be considered without the prior concept approval.

Thank you,

Phill Lawonn
NWD Advancement Chair 

Proposal Deadline Dates:

Completed, troop approved, signed Proposals are due no later than 11:59 PM the night of the required due date


Upcoming Eagle Proposal Deadlines and Proposal Presentation Dates:


     Submissions due Tues, Jan 30th by 11:59 PM for presenting on Thurs, Feb 8th, 2018

     Submissions due Tues, Feb 27th by 11:59 PM for presenting on Thurs, Mar 9th, 2018

     Submissions due Tues, Apr 3rd by 11:59 PM for presenting on Thurs, Apr 12th, 2018

     Submissions due Tues, May 1st by 11:59 PM for presenting on Thurs, May 10th, 2018           

     Submissions due Tues, May 29th by 11:59 PM for presenting on Thurs, June 7th, 2018

     There are no presentations in the month of July 2018






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